TokenAds Terms of Service

TokenAds sponsors and advertisers are individually selected in order to make sure you are engaging with safe and honest merchants. In return we expect the same fairness from you.

Please respect the following rules, so we may continue to provide you with quality offers:

  • Before starting to complete an offer, make sure cookies are accepted and any ad-blocking software you may have is disabled.
  • You must provide accurate information and meet the advertiser's requirements. Points will not be awarded if you submit incorrect information.
  • An offer may be completed once per household.
  • Robotic activities such as scripts, bots or macros are strictly forbidden.
  • The use of proxy servers is not permitted.

TokenAds maintains the right to validate your information before awarding you with tokens. TokenAds may withhold the distribution of your tokens in cases false information or other types of fraud have been detected.
In such cases, TokenAds reserve the right to ban certain players from the TokenAds platform and inform the game operator.